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"Dharan Darpan" - the word came from the migration and concurred from two different words "Dharan" and "Darpan". Dharan represents the name of place, which mean the Place of the Wood Cutting. Dharan the symbol of heaven and beauty city situated in eastern region of Nepal, which has its own history. Dharan was created on RANA's time (when Rana Family were ruling in Nepal), the place Dharan was covered by huge forest recognized as Char Koshe Jhaadi (Char Koshe Jhaadi is the biggest forest among in Asia), the unlimited forest and wild animals. After long time, on the middle of jungle and the shade of Mahabharat Hills (Hills around Dharan), the open and beautiful place was born - named Dharan.

Drapan is a pure Nepali (came from Sanskrit) word, which mean the reflection or mirror. These two words combination represents "Dharan Darpan" - which means the mirror or reflection of Dharan.

The website www.dharandarpan.com (Dharan Darpan) is created to publish or show the face of Dharan and surroundings to the people connected in world wide web. In the website you can see several sections which represent photos, people and places and other materials which related with Dharan.

We are trying our best to represents Dharan and Nepal through www.dharandarpan.com.

The news, articles and photos of this website are directly provided by Article Writer, News Writer and Photographer themself. Copyright and Law of authority is directly goes to the relevant writers/photographer who published here in www.dharandarpan.com, Dharan Darpan don't have any authority change, manage or give any matter without their suggestion.
This site is dedicated to all the visitors, Dharane (Pelple of Dharan) and especially to all Nepalese around the world.

Thank You!
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Dharan Darpan
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